Tom Dalziel


1-1 Pro Kickboxing / 18-2 Amateur Kickboxing
2x Atlantic Canadian Amateur Middleweight Champion
1x WFL Amateur Welterweight Champion
3rd Degree Blackbelt Kajukenpo

Tom has been active in martial arts since he was a child, but didn’t take his first kickboxing fight until college at the behest of MMA legend George St. Pierre (no joke!). With over 20 pro/am fights under his belt and more on the horizon, Tom is an accomplished fighter with a wealth of real-world knowledge. For him, stand up fighting is a moving meditation, a way to constantly explore what he’s capable of and test his limits.

Tom has been sharing his love of martial arts with students for close to two decades. His motivation for teaching comes from the love of passing on knowledge to people, and seeing their faces when they discover something about themselves. He came to Forge Boxing for the culture - because although the challenge is an individual one, fighting is a team sport.

In addition to his pro kickboxing career, Tom is a diver for the Canadian Navy.

Unorthodox striking, especially kicking
Integrating Karate-style drills and other atypical methods to provide students with multiple ways to understand particular movements
Developing Fight IQ by explaining the “why” behind movements instead of simple imitation

Things that get him out of bed in the morning:
No less than 3 cans of Rockstar Energy Drink
His dog!