Hal Kreisel

Head Coach / Co-Owner

2-2 Pro Kickboxing / 12-2 Amateur Kickboxing
1x Canadian Kickboxing Champion
1x Western Canadian Kickboxing Champion

Hal’s story is a familiar one to many fighters: scrappy kid running nowhere fast and getting into trouble until he walks into a gym and discovers martial arts. For Hal, the gym was Frank Lee’s Muay Thai in Edmonton, a community that redirected his energy into self-discipline. The initial appeal of the place might have been the legends of champion fighters bending bags in half with their punches and kicks, but what kept him coming back was the unyielding challenge against oneself that martial arts require. In the way of old-school gyms where each generation passes knowledge to the next, Hal eventually joined the teaching ranks at Frank Lee’s; private instruction and competition followed.

Hal’s coaching focuses on skill progression and making technique accessible to everyone. Like many of the best teachers, Hal had to learn his talents rather than being born a gifted fighter. This gives him an unparallelled empathy for students at the start of their journey.

Hal is driven by the desire to honour the legacy of his past coaches and share the lifelong benefits of martial arts with a new community. A passion for self-discovery, education, and technical mastery stand next to the values of technique, integrity, respect, and heart that set the tone of the Club’s culture.

Fight technique and combat mechanics
Introduction to the sports
Mental preparation for combat and competition

Things that get him out of bed in the morning:
Seeing his students grow physically and mentally
A toddler