Kickboxing & Muay Thai

Level 1


Kickboxing class designed for beginners and those looking to refine their basic techniques. Each class will focus on 1-2 basic components of kickboxing and Muay Thai. Each class will include work on building your foundations:

  • Stance

  • All basic punches: jab, cross, hook, uppercut, bodyshot

  • Basic footwork

  • Knees & Elbows

  • All basic kicks: front kicks (teeps), sidekicks, roundhouse kicks

  • Partner padwork  

Level 2



The class will help you refine, master, and improve your current skill set to turn you into a competent kickboxer. This class will have a strong focus on light sparring (no head contact), padwork and more advanced drills allowing for seamless transition to Open Sparring. Each class will include:

  • Light kick sparring

  • Blocks, parries, feints, & counters

  • Advanced kickboxing pad work

  • Back-and-forth partner work

  • Conditioning & bag work


- Shin guards (some provided, but recommended to have your own, we have them for sale BEST PRICE IN TOWN)

- Mouthguard (For practice of light drills)

- Ability to hold pads with basic competence

- Knowledge with all basic kickboxing/Muay Thai technique: all punches, checks, front kicks, roundhouse kicks, knees, elbows

- Preparedness for light contact drills (catches, sweeps, and leg sparring)

Muay Thai Clinching


Muay Thai clinching is essentially stand-up wrestling, with knees, neck wrestling, sweeps, & trips. It is a major part of Muay Thai and is essential to master when practising or competing in Muay Thai. There is a moderate degree of contact in this class but is open to all levels. This is open to both men and women.


- CLEAN rashguard or long sleeve shirt (THIS IS A MUST TO PREVENT SKIN INFECTIONS)

- Deodorant and attention to personal hygiene

- Preparedness for body contact drills

- Strong focus on respect for partners and communication

All Levels


This class is all about getting out there and punching! While there will be a small amount of time devoted to technique, the main focus of this class will be bag work, pad work, and conditioning!


- Though it is not required, it is recommended that you attend at least one Boxing Level 1 class before attending if you have never boxed before to learn the basic stance and punches

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